Anonymous sent: Umm hi (´・ω・`) I was thinking of reserving a character... But are you guys still alive??

Yes! We are still very alive. Just that there hasn’t been much (any) activity to speak of. 

resonatingmemories sent: Hello! We are a brand new PokéPark based roleplay group. Would you be interested in affiliating with us?


Of course! We have added you to our affiliates page.

cragspurfigure sent: Old man signing in.



Please be sure not to die from old age! That would be very bad for our reputation.

nikaidotadashi-postlimit-deacti sent: I request ujiyasu if thats ok i hope ill be able to do it


“If that’s ok,” asks Mix

as if I would say no

(that means yes!)


nothing is better than pkmn conquest 

iorishiro sent: Can I please reserve Hanbei (and is it ok if I change my Hanbei blog from another rp group that im not as active any more for this one instead?)


Reserved! And yes, that is perfectly fine!

strawberryconquest sent: Heroine reporting for duty!
masaharuniou sent: Officially requesting Heroine.